EZshred Software handles routine but essential tasks of your shredding business, so you can stop drowning in details and start focusing on growing your company.

EZshred easily and effectively helps you with:
  • Maintaining Customer Information
  • Scheduling Services
  • Tracking Inventory
  • Territory Planning
  • Fleet Management
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Recycling
  • Medical Waste Transportation
  • Record Storage
  • Cloud Services
  • Hard Drive Destruction
  • Android & Apple Smartphone Apps

We were the first company to develop software from the ground up specifically for the shredding or document destruction industry. Originally developed in 2000 to streamline operations internally for a shredding company, EZShred has grown to over 300 document destruction clients through the years.

One reason for EZshred’s success is its ease of use. Training is simple and takes very little time, leaving you more time to spend on your business. Another key reason is its efficiency in managing your day-to-day operations. EZshred pays for itself by saving many hours of work, performing the drudgery of time-consuming tasks quickly and easily.

At EZshred we continuously strive for excellence in product development and customer support. Product development is continuously driven by the needs of our large, versatile customer base. Customer Support is always available to assist your staff when they are in need.

Please give us a call or send us an email so that we may demonstrate how EZshred can be a very cost-effective asset that can boost your company’s growth and success!

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