EZshred Software handles routine but essential tasks of your shredding business, so you can stop drowning in details and start focusing on growing your company.

EZshred Software System includes maintenance of customer information, scheduling of recurring and one-time services, creation of daily work orders or service tickets, routing of trucks, capacity planning of vehicles, creation of invoices, Certificate of Destruction generation, and interface to QuickBooks and various other accounting packages, along with the ability to produce a wide range of business reports.


Recycling dynamically assigns prices to current market rates. Manage, track and account for contamination by predicting expected levels and/or exact amounts by pick-up location (transparent to customer). Print rebate checks, statements and invoices.

Barcoding with a handheld mobile computer enables your business to accurately track inventory and to show chain of custody from time of pick up to time of destruction (audit trail). Allows your drivers while on the road to electronically time stamp when services are performed (proof of service), capture a customer's signature, and print a receipt, if so desired.

Roadnet Technologies' Roadnet Anywhere® interface enables optimized scheduling and GPS tracking of vehicles. Benefits your business by reducing number of miles driven, number of vehicles required, routing time, and overtime─while increasing vehicle capacity and dramatically improving driver management and customer service.

Turn-by-Turn directions hands-free on a mobile computer announces street names en route to your next stop─from anywhere.

Microsoft SQL Server an enterprise-level database management system, offers the highest level of security, reliability, and scalability for your business-critical applications.