EZshred Software handles routine but essential tasks of your shredding business, so you can stop drowning in details and start focusing on growing your company.
“The EZshred software is very flexible in that it allowed us to keep some of the current business practices we already had in place without having to completely change the way we do business. The software is not only very user-friendly but when we do have a question or need assistance, the EZshred Tech Support team is extremely accommodating and helpful. EZshred has given us the tools to more effectively manage our shredding business.”

Carrie Patee, General Manager - Business Data Record Services Inc., MN, USA

“The Meadows growth in the document destruction industry had gotten to the point that we needed to overhaul our procedures with customer scheduling, invoicing and asset inventory control. Speed sheets and outdated standalone scheduling software was not cutting it anymore. We looked at three different software packages that could help us in these areas and integrate into our account software. EZshred software fulfilled the criteria we needed and was cost effective for our company.”

David Potter, VP of Operations - The Meadows Center for Opportunity, Edmond, OK, USA

“When we started TITAN Mobile Shredding, we investigated all aspects of the business. Our philosophy was to go with the best names in the industry, not try to "reinvent the wheel". Based on our discussions with other shredding companies across the county, EZ Shred was the best choice. We had EZ-Shred up and running before we serviced our first customer in October 2005. EZ-Shred is flexible enough to keep up with our growth, so it can keep up with yours.”

Don Adriaansen, Co-Founder - TITAN Mobile Shredding, LLC, PA, USA